We understand that postage costs are often the deciding factor in placing an online order.  With this in mind, we calculate costs based on the total weight of your order.  We don't make any money on postage, we charge the absolute minimum for a safe and efficient delivery. 

We use recycled packaging wherever possible, and when we do use anything new, it would be great to know that you have found a use for it going forward, or have recycled it yourself.  If we can all do our bit, it adds up and makes a difference.  That being said, we do offer a gift wrap service.  New packaging is used for this, and we promise to make it look beautiful for your recipient!

If you need an item by a certain date, need expedited shipping, or have any other questions or requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch.  We'll always do our best to help in any way that we can.

Below is a breakdown of our standard delivery rates.


BAND 1 - Royal Mail First Class    0.01kg-0.1kg £1.50
BAND 2 - Royal Mail First Class 0.11kg - 0.6kg £3.95
BAND 3 - Royal Mail First Class 0.61kg - 1.3kg £5.85
BAND 4 - Courier Service 1.31kg - 30kg £8.00